Founded in a one-room schoolhouse in 1883, 手机赌博软件下载 has set the st和ard for educational excellence in Pittsburgh for more than 130 years.


cd户外探险手机赌博软件下载 is a nationally respected private school in Pittsburgh for boys 和 girls in grades pre-kindergarten through 12, 和一个可选的 寄宿经验 在高中的时候. Four age-specific campuses with extraordinary resources, 积极指导的老师, 一个有远见的课程, 一个多元包容的社会, 和一份遗产 校友 accomplishments all inspire Shady Side students to high achievement in 学者, 艺术手机赌博软件下载, 和 to meaningful ambitions in life.


To meet the specific needs of children in various life stages, 手机赌博软件下载 is set on four unique campuses. From the neighborhood setting of the 初中(PK-5) in the East End to the suburban setting of the 乡村走读学校(PK-5), 中学(6 - 8)高中(9 - 12) in Fox Chapel, students are part of something special. Small class sizes encourage a strong sense of community.


在Shady Side学院,re is a holistic approach to education with a commitment to students’ 学术, 身体和情绪的发展. Putting that approach into action is a caring 教师 和 staff, dedicated to fostering a true love of learning in students. 赌博软件的 h和s-on curriculum explores topics across all disciplines – from the STEM fields of science, 技术, engineering 和 mathematics to the humanities 和 the 艺术 – with the goal of developing well-rounded individuals ready to excel on whatever path they take in life.

赌博软件的 学术 program provides a challenging yet nurturing atmosphere in which learning occurs at the highest levels. The broad 学术 program exists in an atmosphere that encourages inquiry, 质疑, 民族自决和创造力. Small class sizes encourage a strong sense of community. 技术 is integrated throughout PK-12 classrooms.

艺术手机赌博软件下载 are an integral part of the curriculum. Visual 和 performing 艺术 are intertwined into all levels of learning, 和 students are encouraged to explore an array of athletic options. 课外 俱乐部和活动 support students’ diverse interests, including community service.


赌博软件的 教员 are leaders in their respective fields. More than 75 percent of our teachers hold advanced degrees, 和 they participate in ongoing professional development activities. They believe in a traditional approach to learning while developing creative curricula 和 determining how to best meet the needs of individual students.


高级学校 students refine critical thinking, writing 和 analytical skills that distinguish them in the college Search, 而三个全职 大学辅导员 help them prepare for the next stage of their 学术 careers. SSA enjoys a 100 percent college matriculation rate.

一个可选的 登机 program at the 高级学校 provides a preview of college life to help ease that future transition. 学生 can board for either five or seven days a week.



Shady Side's 校友 network includes 7,000 individuals around the world thriving in a wide array of professions – including a Nobel Prize-winning doctor, 普利策奖得主, 托尼奖获奖演员, a U.S. Cabinet secretary 和 a NASA astronaut.