SSA农场是一个全学院范围的可持续发展倡议, 花园地块位于所有四个荫边校园. The SSA农场 was born on the far fields of the 高级学校 campus in 2012, and expanded to include gardens at the Middle and 初中 in 2013 and at 国家一天学校 in 2016. The farm is integrated into the curriculum and student life in grades PK-12.


  • 从实践经验中学习 -提供独一无二的服务, 为学生提供多学科的实践学习经验, 包括科学和经济
  • 社区 – To create a community of volunteers with common interests that spans the entire SSA community


SSA农场课程提供跨学科的课程, 亲自动手的, experiential learning opportunities for PK-12 students on all four campuses: